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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Dice Agency builds amazing virtual VFX. We are pro in almost every sector of Fx, from the classic Studio “Chroma Key” to perfect “tracking”, we love to create what’s in your fantasy.

Some examples of VFX :

  • Chroma Key to add and track to the video footage real people, cars, or 3D models such as airplanes, boats buildings or whatever;
  • Tracking Fire and Explosions;
  • Adding 3d Objects inside a real video footage or a picture;
  • Custom Mockups for your company needs, from a video or a pictures we are able to add one or more object that looks part of the real picture respecting sizes and prospectives.

Our mission is to reach the highest quality of VFX, for any need, from cinema post productions to commercial special VFX.
We do not sell products, we create solutions. We build relationships and earn our client’s trust time and time again through dedication and experience by providing fast and accurate results. Dice Agency is one source with infinite resources !


Creative, Drone, Video


Aprile 9, 2018